Washer Repair FAQ

We DONT recommend that ANYONE should attempt to repair their own Washer or any Home Appliance.

No matter what Appliance it may be, Ice Maker, Dryer, Oven, Refrigerator.  Your dealing with EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ELEMENTS. We recommend that you NEVER attempt to repair your own Appliance and instead contact a Qualified Appliance Repair Company to perform the repair.  In the case of Washing Machines, your dealing with Water and Electricity and Dangerous fast moving mechanical parts, and at the very least, we all know Water and Electricity don't mix. Please take this warning seriously.

Washer Q & A

Top load washers dial type



My washer is making a grinding noise during agitaition and wont spin??

§  It depends heavily on the make of the machine. On some whirlpool family models it could be anything from the drive coupling to the transmission.

§  Also, something could be lodged in the drain pump, Most of these things can be repaired, but usually damaged gear cases/transmissions don’t get replaced.

My washer fills with water and then stops and won’t do anything??

§  Usually this is a problem related to the lid lock or the lid switch mechanisms.

§  However it could still be the motor or the timer or a million other things!

My washer fills with water but doesn’t stop! My whole house has flooded!

§  Quick, unplug the machine and turn off the water! If the shutoff valves fail turn off the water at the house main. It’s usually located near the front door or the front of the house!

§  Either your water valve has failed or your pressure switch has failed and possibly your timer failing could produce that result.

§  It is Definitely time to call a Professional Appliance Repair Outfit



Top load washers digital push button

My washer has stopped working suddenly and is displaying cryptic error codes! What do I do??

§  Get a pen and write down all the error codes. If you don’t understand them or aren’t sure, try to take a picture. You can email it to us at Pictures@myapplianceangel.com

§  Once you’ve written down all the error codes try cancelling the cycle or turning the machine off.

§  If neither works, unplug the Machine from the wall and wait ten minutes. In that time, the lid will unlock and at least you’ll be able to get all your clothes out of the machine.

When I press a button on the control panel nothing happens? It kinda feels weird also.

§  Either the tiny little microswitch that is the button has failed or the control panel ribbon cable has gotten dirty or dislodged.

§  The way that these touch control panels are built these days, you can’t just fix a single button. You have to replace the entire touch panel.

§  Usually though, if the machine is in good shape otherwise, it’s well worth it.

Additional thoughts on HE Detergents regarding newer Top Loader Machines and Front Loading Machines

§  HE Detergent is an entirely different type of detergent then the detergent we all grew up with.


§  It’s a low suds detergent designed to take advantage of the super low water use of these super high efficiency machines in production these days.


Front load washers



·      Q: My Maytag makes funny noises during the final spin as best I can tell. It seems to operate normal but that noise. It sounds like a jet taking off. Should I worry?

·      A: That depends. What noises exactly? No, worries though. Either record the noise or call your technician when it's happening and maybe it can be diagnosed over the phone. I wouldn't let it go though.


·      Q: My washer isn't old but WOW it sure is odorific. What can I do?

·      A: Try a product called Afresh, available from your local grocer. It’s a salvo tablet .Personally, I think it works well. I've had customers with top loading machines use them also with good results. In extreme states, I've disassembled the unit down to the drive basket or tub and scraped away buildup of detergent and softeners that haven't rinsed away.


·      Q: My washer vibrates so much that it moves away from the wall till the two fill hoses attached to the faucets are the only thing keeping from walking out the door. What can I do?

·      A: I say start by checking the floor. I had one customer that had spilled so much detergent and softener over time that there was no way the washer wanted to stay put. We cleaned the floor thoroughly and replaced the footpads. On last check the washer and dryer are happy together.

Spin speeds

·      Q: What do spin speeds mean?

·      A: Water extraction can translate to shorter drying times if even by 2 or 3 minutes per load.

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